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Our company complete all the works of storage tanks small bolted or welded tanks such as our project we complete that our contract with (Anowel company-Greek) in shat al-basra power planet, contract amount is 3.5 million dollar the period of the company Is 150 days and after we finish the work our staff and company have been specialize in this type of the works.

Painting works

our company have many projects like our project in al –fow stores of oil for cleaning pipes with sand plus and painting with total work quantity 30 ,000 square meter and add the works with the fuel tanks for painting three types of coating and clean it with sand plus with total work area 150,000 square meter

Civil Works

We Specialize In Water Related Civil Construction. To This End, The Company Is Able To Employ Its Vast Experience For Rural Or Urban Community Water Supply. We Are Well Experienced In The Construction Of Pipelines Of Various Dimensions And Pipes Of Up To Two Meters In Diameter Have Been Worked On. We Are Able To Do Any General Maintenance On Pipelines Like The Changing And Repair As Well As Pressure Testing Of Various Types Of Valves, Installation And Changing Of Flow Meters, Air Valves, Etc.

General Services

Over the years in our search for new sources and outlets, we have developed a comprehensive network providing us with wide ranging human resources. Our company has developed into a gathering point for international human resources. We try to match our Employers with the right Employee in all respects. Our established and long-standing affiliation with international recruitment offices offers us almost unlimited resources in volume, variety and quality which gives us a degree of flexibility. We have a wide-ranging clientele with varied needs, thus, we offer a flexible service depending on our client’s specific requirements.Our procedures with each new client are: first, to identify as to what degree our services is required second, to establish a full range of criteria our prospective employee must meet successfully Third, to offer our client the best possible options to choose from fourth, after selection of the successful candidate, we deliver our client’s new employee with all possible haste and minimal effort on the client’s part We are capable of dealing with the full process of gainful employment from start to finish as needed by each client. This includes: All immigration and migration considerations from both the source country and the destination country, Documentation for relevant authorities, All travel arrangements and requirements



Electrical works

ELECTRICAL SERVICES Contract and support services provide the maintenance, parts, and service needed to get the best performance from equipment already in place. Our field technicians and customer support engineers can start up and commission equipment, perform planned maintenance, monitor performance and diagnose problems remotely, and respond to emergencies on a 24×7 basis, 365 days a year. With optimal maintenance and support, your business will have more reliable, higher quality, more cost-effective power. Our support services help businesses make the most of their existing electrical equipment by optimizing performance and extending the life of existing facilities. We maintain an experienced team of engineers, field technicians, and customer support engineers to serve customer needs. Our customer support centers are available 24×7, 365 days a year, to schedule services, monitor equipment, and provide emergency support. Our spare parts warehouses provide 24×7 access to manufacturing parts inventories, 365 days a year. Contract and support services provide the maintenance, parts, and service needed to get the best performance from your existing power system. Our company Electrical Services & Systems team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing an unrivaled array of services that brings consistency, stability, and insight to every service contingency. Equipment Start-Up, Commissioning Maintenance and Support, Services Operational and Maintenance Training Remote Monitoring Services Enterprise Monitoring Projects (Foreseer) Field Service and After market Services Emergency Services PowerChain Management Solution Services


The storage tanks come in all sizes and shapes special application might require tanks to be rectangular in the form of horizontal cylinders and spheres are generally used for full pressure storage of materials such as our projects with the (Al-hurra international company ) in khore al- zubair area with contract amount 8 million dollar , contracts period is 180 day.


Our company have big experience in pipe line projects according to recognized standards, contexts and system that used in big world companies such as our project of pipe line in faw (Strategic line) the work quantity is 18 km with pipe diameter 18 ” inch the contracts amount is 18 million dollars , the period is 120 day . After that we start installation of multi –diagonal pipe with multi welder, the contract was with (Al-hurra international company).

Our Specialty Works

      Foreign workers : Our company provides locks Foreign highly experienced The company has approximately The 400 people are engineers As our technicians have done Contract with several companies to provide Foreign labor, including a company Samsung and other companies

Thermal insulation : Our company produces thermal insulators from excellent antimicrobial materials, And its ores are of high quality global origin Our company has engineers and technicians specialized in installing thermal insulators With long experience and high skill .

Mechanical works

We have access to a fully equipped engineering workshop with highly skilled personnel to meet all your engineering needs. We are able to remove and or install any type of pump. We also have the ability to refurbish defective pumps of any type. Fully trained and qualified staff can attend to repairs and maintenance of diesel driven equipment such as lighting plants and earthmoving equipment. Our staff is well experienced in the maintenance of conveyors and affiliated plants and machinery and is fully experienced in the maintenance of roller mills. We specialize in corrosion protection. Mechanical maintenance on all dams in South of IRAQ.

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